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I remember learning about this painting in ‘Art Appreciation’ Class in 5th grade, and how the woman in this painting is disabled from the waist down, and the farm she was crawling to was the farm where her [boyfriend?] lived, who was also disabled. I believe one of them was deaf, or something, either way, they both sat in silence for hours and through each other they didn’t feel so alone, and they felt finally ‘understood’.

Something to that extent.



Andrew Wyeth, Christina’s World

My favorite painting.

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I’ve always loved the works of Franz Kline- the picture here doesn’t quite capture the ingenuity of his works- you have to imagine this as a massive painting taking up an entire wall. Sure- it’s a simplistic representation of a chair, and although in this small picture it does look like a 4 year old could paint better, the gigantic strokes were all painted with 100% purpose, the rough strokes giving the pieces of the ‘chair’ a more than just dark feel. It looks like nothing, it looks like everything. 

I suppose what really captivates me is that this movement or form of art is not about what you paint, but rather how.

I could go on and on about the several interpretations of his work, but, alas, my Analytical Chemistry exam awaits my complete attention. Apparently Franz Kline did most of his prep-work on newspaper clippings or bar napkins.

"Spontaneity is practiced" - the so-called slogan of Abstract Expressionism.

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I could see myself adding a darker touch to this. Love it though. :)


Géraldine Georges

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